The Vital Posture Difference

We hope your visit with us is exceptional, and we work hard to ensure it is. Whether it’s the warmth of our greeting, the comfortable surroundings, or the tea and snacks – we know that we can’t care for you unless we are also first caring for each other and ourselves. Our team arrives well before our first patient, and as we get ready for the day, our morning huddle begins with an attunement which draws our attention to something we want to focus on and be grateful for as the day progresses. This process of connecting as a team allows us to then move on to the business of providing exceptional healthcare to the patients who walk through our door.

When you arrive as a new patient, you will be examined to determine your candidacy for care. Candidacy is determined by us understanding what is happening physiologically and structurally, what caused you to make the appointment, how your life is being impacted, and what you hope to achieve from our care.  This first appointment is a form of triage, it allows us to determine your likelihood of success with our care as well as whether there are clear issues that might get in the way of you having the best result possible.


Except in exceptional situations, after your initial assessment we will bring you back for a second appointment and verify our findings prior to intervening. This allows us to ensure that the objective findings you are presenting with are consistent and that your body is in a non-adaptive position. To ensure the quality of the care we are delivering is second to none, we always double-check our work, with customized pre- and post- same day assessments. As a commitment to optimal patient care at Vital Posture™, our practitioners work in teams. Although healthcare is very individual, by working as tandem teams we are able to double-check our own perspectives and thereby optimize the care we are able to offer you.

Our goal is to intervene with you as infrequently as possible, meaning that we only adjust when objective indicators suggest that an intervention is needed. We also integrate with a wide range of other practitioners in our community as no one practitioner can help everyone with everything. There is often an order of intervention that will be more successful, and we try to optimize the efficiency of your interventions by being able to recognize when something else may be helpful. In this way, we can help guide and advise you as to the best course of action for your particular situation.

Please be sure to share your experiences with us. We end each day with a team huddle in which we focus on the good things that we were able to accomplish that day; your stories allow us to stay encouraged and positive about the contribution we’ve been able to make to your health.

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