Do you ever feel like the room is spinning? Do you get lightheaded, woozy, or sometimes lose your balance? The feeling of being ‘dizzy’ can be described in multiple ways and can affect people differently. There are several factors that can contribute to your dizziness including inner ear problems, low blood pressure, hormonal changes, and poor posture.

Three specific systems in the body work together to allow us to maintain balance and function in an upright position:

  1. The visual system (eyes)
  2. The vestibular system (balance centers in the brain)
  3. The proprioceptive system (ability to sense/interpret your surroundings and move appropriately)  

When there is a mismatch in information from any of these three systems it can create confusion in the brain as it attempts to interpret the environment. Uncorrected vertebral misalignments in the upper neck can directly impact these three systems by altering head position and restricting neck movement. This can add to the neurological stress and result in postural breakdown, lack of balance, and feelings of dizziness and poor coordination.

NUCCA adjustments work to realign the head and neck, allowing the brain to interpret your body orientation in your surroundings more accurately. If you suffer from chronic unexplained dizziness, consult your NUCCA Doctor to see if this may be an appropriate solution.


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